Atelier EHOI: freshly baked goods worth saving room for

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. Although many places have permanently closed their doors due to the pandemic, some managed to emerge from this global hardship — Atelier EHOI is one of them.

Atelier EHOI is a New York and New Jersey-based online dessert shop that delivers freshly baked sweets to your doorsteps. It consists of all kinds of well-designed desserts that will make you drool as you browse through the website.

The owner of Atelier EHOI, Taihee, has always loved making desserts. While working as an interior designer, Taihee would take courses at Japanese and Korean cooking studio.Taihee moved to New York when her husband Jeff got a job offer. Considering they might have a baby to take care of in the future, instead of finding a job opportunity for an interior designer, Taihee decided to start a baking business with the support of her husband.

Unlike most, the pandemic gave the couple a chance to break into the business. Since Jeff got to work from home for a couple of months, the couple had more time to plan and start the business.

Atelier EHOI, named after the couple's goal of opening a workshop and Taihee's name in Korean (Taihee in Korean writes 태이), is a business built solely around Taihee. Aiming to bring delicious memories to people, Taihee poured her passion for baking into the desserts she makes; From ingredients used to the design of the cake, everything is carefully thought out and beautifully presented.

To differentiate its desserts from the desserts sold in the States, Taihee incorporates many familiar Asian tastes into her desserts, including sesame, soybean, sweet potato, and rice cake.

Milk Tea Basque Cheesecake from ATELIER EHOI
Milk Tea Basque Cheesecake

One of Atelier EHOI's best selling desserts is the milk tea basque cheesecake. "There's a lot of cheesecake and basque cheesecake in New York," said Jeff, "but you don't usually see a 'milk tea' flavored cheesecake." Considering milk tea and bubble tea has gained global popularity, Taihee decided to combine cheesecake and milk tea, which proves to be a success.

Atelier EHOI desserts not only are enjoyable, but it's also healthy. All the ingredients are carefully selected; some materials like soybean and matcha come from Korea. She also made sure everything, including all puree, is freshly made so people can enjoy the dessert with family and friends worry-less.

Within a few months of opening, Atelier EHOI has already built on an established customer base that will likely grow down the road. The couple hopes they'd one day get a storefront location that not only sells desserts but also hosts cooking workshops and Taihee's selection of items of furniture and decoration for sale.

Looked to expand the menus of Atelier EHOI, Taihee traveled back to Korea and took courses on dessert making. They have recently returned with more new items such as pumpkin crumble and chiffon sando! Check out their website and place your order today!

Madeleines, earl grey cupcake, blueberry cupcake
(from left to right) Madeleines, earl grey cupcake, blueberry cupcake

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