[Flavor Friday] Chinese Chili Powder (La Jiao Mian)

Updated: Mar 1

What’s Chinese Chili Powder (La Jiao Mian)?

Chinese Chili Powder (La Jiao Mian) is a spice that’s commonly used in Chinese cuisine. It is stronger in flavor & aroma when compared with the chili powder that only contains ground red pepper. What makes this Chinese Chili Powder different is that it contains more than just red pepper, it also contains Sichuan Pepper, sesame, and star anise.

What does it taste like?

Depending on the type of Chinese Chili Powder you get, it tastes slightly different. Some tastes more like chili flakes where it includes dried chili pepper seeds which makes it spicier; some are completely ground.

Commonly Used Cases

It is commonly used in Chinese cuisines. Usually, you can get the Chinese Chili Powder at Asian markets where it is packaged dry in plastics, and if you check for ingredients on the back you should be able to see it contains sesame, Sichuan pepper, and sometimes star anise.

It has a strong aroma because of the mix of spices that’s in the powder. It is commonly used to cook spicy dishes, season meat and veggies, as well as blend into the dipping sauce for barbeque, hotpot, fried chicken, etc. For people that like spicy food, Chinese Chili Powder can pretty much go with all sorts of savory dishes.


Oil Spill Noodles, Barbeque, Sichuan Boiled Spicy Fish/Pork/Beef (Shui Zhu Yu)

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