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[Flavor Friday] Gochujang (Chili Paste-고추장)

What is Gochujang?

Gochujang (고추장), also known as Korean Chili Paste, is a fermented chili paste made from soybeans, glutinous rice, chili powder, and salt.

Gochujang is the “soul” of most Korean dishes, and it can be used in soups, salads, stews, pickling/marinating seafood, meat, tofu, and vegetables.

What does it taste like?

Gochujang has a unique flavor, as it is spicy, sweet, strong in umami, with a strong rich texture. The texture of gochujang is similar to tomato paste, only drier and richer than tomato paste.

How to use/where to find?

In most cases, you can find Gochujang in the sauces section at Asian supermarkets. Usually, it is packaged in a plastic square container or in a plastic bottle.

For cooking, people usually use gochujang to add spiciness and extra richness to their dishes. But since it has a richer/stickier texture, gochujang is usually added to dishes that are thin or liquidy or that have other ingredients that help mix the paste into the dish well.


Army Stew, Korean Barbeque, Bibimbap, Tteokbokki (Stir-fry rice cakes), Spicy Fried Chicken.

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