[Recipe] Sesame Oil Chicken Soup/MáYóuJī (麻油雞)🇹🇼

Updated: Mar 1

Sesame Oil Chicken/MáYóuJī 🇹🇼is a classic Taiwanese winter dish that will warm your body inside out. Some sources state that it appeared early as the Tang dynasty. In a Chinese medicine point of view, sesame oil chicken is the perfect dish to eat in winter because of the ingredients used — Together, this dish not only dispel cold and promote blood circulation, but it also nourishes your chi and spleen, which increases your vital energy. In Taiwan, the dish is also popular amongst new moms who have just given birth. Although sesame oil chicken is commonly served with thin noodles (mian xian), it can also be served as rice soup or just soup itself.


3 tablespoons Black sesame oil

~10 coin sized pieces of Ginger (can be more depending on your taste)

1 pack Chicken Thigh (with or without bone, depending on your preference)

½ bottle Rice Wine

1 tablespoon soy sauce




Vegetables (cabbages, bok choy or enoki mushrooms)

Rice or Thin Noodles (Mian Xian) – if you want to make it authentically Taiwanese, otherwise other types of noodles work too!


1. In a soup pot, heat 3 spoons of black sesame oil on medium heat (black sesame oil will turn bitter if it’s overheated). Saute the ginger until fragrant.

2. Add the chicken into the pot and continue to stir-fry it. Make sure all chickens are covered with sesame oil, if it gets too dry add a couple more spoons of sesame oil into the pot.

3. Once the chicken turns white, fill the pot with water about halfway full. Then add ½ bottle of rice wine into the pot. Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce into the pot.

4. Optional steps: Throw the vegetables into the pot and let it simmer. If you decide to eat with noodles you can cook it on the side.

5. Let the pot simmer until the alcohol taste cooks out. Turn off the heat. Taste, then season with salt or more soy sauce if desired. Serve the chicken soup over rice or the noodles if desired. Enjoy!

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